Zen will be closed at 10pm tonight

Zen will be closed an hour early tonight at 10pm. See you all tomorrow for our Friday $10 lunch

Zen will be open tonight. We look forward to seeing you

Sincere apologies but Zen will be closed tonight (Wednesday) as well

Due to unforeseen circumstances. Zen will not be open Tuesday

This Japanese knife is almost 2 years old & yes they’re available at zen for a rediculous $35 - $39

Tonight we celebrate our second wedding anniversary with you (when we officially married, but our wedding ceremony was in January)

Wow we didn’t even notice. Over 700 likes on Facebook. Thanks everyone for following! We will do our best to keep you up to date with what’s happening at zen as well as sharing pics of our adventures in Japan and little rid bits on Japanese culture

Just search Facebook for zenjapanpage to find us

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!

Today’s taste of Japan. Photos by Funky

For our Japanese customers:

We have this months Cheers magazine/newspaper (only available in Japanese language) Available free near the takeaway seats

Wow! Happy to see on urbanspoon that Zen is in the top 10 most popular Japanese restaurants in NSW

Today’s taste of Japan. Photos by Funky

A big thanks to Vegan.com for the shout out for Zen Japan in their article on Japanese food

You can see it here - http://www.vegan.com/japanese-food/

Another taste of Japan for you. Photos by Funky.

Another taste of Japan for you. Photos by Funky